Industrial and Organizational Psychology at GT

Month: August 2011

  • School of Psychology Welcomes New Chair

    The I-O program and School of Psychology at Georgia Institute of Technology are very pleased to welcome Howard Weiss as a faculty member next year. Howard will join Georgia Tech from Purdue University in January, 2012, and will serve as both professor in the I-O program and the Chair of the School of Psychology. Learn…

  • DELTA Lab Joins GT School of Psychology

    The I/O area is proud to welcome Dr. Leslie DeChurch and the DELTA Lab! Research efforts in the DELTA Laboratory focus on multiteam systems, leadership, and team effectiveness. Learn more about DELTA here!

  • Fall 2011 Incoming Students

    The I/O area welcomed seven incoming PhD students this semester: Raquel Asencio-Hodge, Patrick Bradshaw, Dorothy Carter, Dan Doty, Sarah Farmer, Peter Seely, and Amy Wax. Learn more about our new students on their respective research laboratory websites.